Discipleship Training Week

May 8 – 12, 2017 we had a discipleship training week or DTW lead by Youth With A Mission Staff and about 25 Youth participants from the community. Gita was able to share at the first day of training about “spending time with God” or “Quite time”. She gave the participants an idea of what they can do in their time with God. Gita show them her Bible Journal to give encouragement to the youth.

I was able to share about The Father Heart of God.  It was my desire topic to share to the youth, since I have no story or experience to tell regarding my earthly father but I have story and experience of love from the heavenly father and telling them how important they are and how much they are loved by our Heavenly Father.

One boy his name is Ceasar, he is one of the participant that week.  A kind, gentle, happy, and hard working boy. That day when I talked about the father heart of God he was the boy in a front row,

firstboy in my right side. I know his dad long time ago, he died trying to cross the raging river. The water was so strong that he was taking away and found dead about 1 km. Ceasar was very young by that time happened, and I know he never knew his dad and experience his love.

After the topic I had felt in my spirit that I asked a question “How many of you have heard a word “I LOVE YOU” from your earthly father.” no hands was raised. Another question ” How many of you says “I LOVE YOU” to your parents. One or Two hand was raised. I can sense in my spirit to touch Ceasar and ask the rest of my team to get one child to hug and pray. As soon as I touch Ceasar, he burst into crying. And I kept praying. The entire room only you hear was the sound of youth crying and voice of my team praying.

Later that evening when they share testimony, Ceasar was one of the youth shared what happen that afternoon when I touch him. He said “the reason why I was crying is when Kuya Eugene or Joey touched me I felt the hand of my father touching me. I missed him, I want to hug him tight.” after his testimony I give him another hug and encourage him.

The Father Heart of God.
The boy in my right is Ceasar.


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