Sunday I was scared go to church because of ISIS, but Eugene told me I don’t need to be afraid; the army is checking everyone who is entering the city and the war is 4 hours away, but there was still fear in my heart.

Still, we (my family, other volunteers and the team from Hawaii) jumped into the jeep and went to the mountains to a small church. This day was such a blessing to me. God was speaking to me in so many ways and into situations where I had fear and didn’t trust Him. And I wanted to share with you.
Sunday was appreciation day for the pastor and his family. The Holy spirit was touching hearts; not only the pastor’s but also his wife’s and daughters’. We prayed over them and we spoke blessings into his life and his family.
In the beginning of the service the pastor prayed for Marawi city and declared freedom and the surrender of ISIS with Isaiah 2:4,5 “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. All wars will stop, and military training will come to an end. Come, people of Israel, let us walk in the light of the Lord!“
This passage from the Bible was a very big encouragement to me from the Lord. That the war will stop. That it will not come farther. We prayed for the deliverance of people from the city who are trapped and can‘t get out. That God will open doors, windows so innocent people will be free. With Him everything is possible!

In the sermon Alexsandra was sharing about faith and healings, from Mark 5:21-43. The Synagogue ruler Jairus came to ask Jesus to heal his daughter. Jesus went to his house. On the way, a woman touched His garment and she was healed from bleeding for 12 years. She didn‘t go to ask for healing, she didn‘t go to ask for prayer, but she believed that by His touch she will be healed. Her faith healed her! And after that Jesus went to Jairus’ house where the girl was already dead. But Jesus rose her from the dead. 18926486_1734841806533827_2061964255_o
And I was thinking about my friend who needs an operation, I started praying for her that God would deliver her from the this situation. I was crying for my friend because I love her, I want to see her healthy and happy. And I prayed that I will have bigger understanding of Him, to KNOW Him more, really know Him.

In the middle of the Bible passage Jesus also says to the woman to have faith! I took those words for myself. If God gives you children, He will take care of them and He will provide. And if God gives you a husband, God will help you to be a good wife. This passage I want to write on a paper and put on the wall so I could see this promise. That I don‘t need to worry what my child will eat next day, because God will take care of it. And that God will help me to change my heart that I could be better wife to my husband.

At the communion we prayed for the bread and wine and thanked Jesus that He died for us. He took our sins. I was imagining a situation, where ISIS would take me hostage to kill me and a person would offer to go instead of me. There would be no words to say how thankful I would be to such a person. This is what Jesus did. Because of my sins, the punishment is death, but he took my place!!! He was punished instead of me…

That Sunday much more happened than this; God was speaking about so many things and I prayed for so much that I can‘t put everything here. But I can say that this Sunday was a blessing and God met me in this small church in the mountains.

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