It’s been 6 months that I and Tabitha left Europe. We adjust so much until now I am still adjusting with heat, food. Now I feel homesick, where now I think most of the time is food and other stuff in Europe. Like when I’m putting Tabitha to sleep my brain just working on pictures of food that I really missed. Lithuanian bread “Klaipedos duona” I can smell the aroma of it and the crunchiness when you break the bread… mmmm… Lithuanian buns ohh, they are the best. Really Lithuanians knows how to make good bread “I can debate on it”. I wish we are able to afford the oven so I can bake. So far here in Philippines I saw is only white bread and white plain buns. Some Filipinos eat bread in breakfast it is called “pandesal” very nice small plain buns and its Tabitha’s favorite, but my husband prefer rice and eggs.

In all my life I never eat so much rice. Three times in a day my husband eat rice, but for breakfast I choose not to eat rice so for me only twice in a day rice 😀 when we will be back in Europe I think I will stay away from rice hahahah. I will eat a lot of potatoes. I’m already thinking how to grow potatos in a buket “any idea?”. Here we have so many different vegetables but the thing is I don’t know them. And the taste is so hard to describe. Filipinos love strong taste such as sour or sweet type of foods. Oooohh! They eat this strange food like green mangoes “sour mangoes” dipped in soy sauce, ooohh and balut (duck egg), it’s a duck egg only 16 – 21 days old, when Eugene will eat balut I will not let him to kissed me . Pineapple they put little salt but that one tasted good. IMG_3058

Philippines is a coffee country. I am having hard time to find a good tea. In the store you will find a small place where they have black tea, Jasmen tea and mint tea but it’s cheaper to have coffee.

I never think that I will hide so much from the sun “I guess I become Filipino in that area”. But we go for a walk only after 4pm then sun it’s not so intense. I miss walking in the parks or in the city. I love to be outside but here things change. Every day I feel like I’m in the sauna. I can’t imagine myself in this heat for all year. I really need autumn, winter and the spring. When I will be in Europe again, first thing I will do: get hot shower, eat a lot cheese, get a nice bread with good ham, salad and slice of tomato and a cup of nice tea.

It’s all has been a wonderful journey for me here and it is because the people here are so nice very hospitable, beautiful people and smiling saying “Hi” when we are passing. Tabitha and I we are getting so much attention. Eugene once told me when people saw us they see BEAUTY and the BEAST “I am the BEAUTY and he is the BEAST”. I love my husband and his humor, and of course I love Philippines, it is so much fun in the Philippines.

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