What’s Worst?

Here I am again by my computer while Tabitha is sleeping. And I was thinking to share about my daily life because there are friends and family who is asking me questions about that.

I had talked with my cousin and I tried to describe to her my life here with a little of humor. So the topic was “what is worst thing for me being here in the Philippines”. I start my list. The heat here is hard to cope up, because I always feel like I’m in sauna, there is no air because of the humidity. At the day time we try not to go outside, sometimes I feel like we are always inside. But that is not the worst thing, maybe the worst thing is ants, ants, ants. They are everywhere. They are in my bed, on my clothes, in my food and on me!! And they are biting. All of our food we need to hide from this little creature called ants, before sleeping we check our bed. I don’t like if they are on me, it is ok to have one ant on me but if there is more than 10!! Then it started their attacked and I start acting like crazy trying to kill them. But then I’m thinking that I’m getting used to it that they are everywhere. Ants are not too bad after all. Cockroaches ooh my world! In Europe I was not afraid of them… I was thinking: hmm… What can they do to me? They are so small. BUT I was wrong when I got here, ohhh… they are so BIG. The first time when I saw it, I was thinking it’s a mouse. And did you know that they bite? And it is painful it could swollen and red. Just the last night I had a visitor in my bed, in the middle of the night while changing Tabitha’s diaper, a cockroach flew on my head, then it transfer to Tabitha’s legs, and Eugene just sleeping .Oohh they are so yucky but I knew that I need to kill it because it will come back. I hate them! Even Tabitha knows how to kill it “seriously” maybe she can help you once you visit us . But maybe this is still ok. Maybe the mosquitoes are worst. You probably ask why? It is because you never know that it carry a dengue virus. And they really love Tabitha. Three of us sleeping in the same room but only Tabitha get bitten. The mosquito lotion does not always the job. But then I remember the week before we move in this house. We are so lucky and blessed by God’s protection. We were walking around the house, giving our Doberman dog a bath, took a picture with the dog. And in the same day in the same area the dog was killed by a cobra around 6 or 7pm!! And we are so lucky that was not us. But I think the worst thing is it all happened at the same house that we are living now.IMG_1239

I have more stories to tell so stay tuned for our next adventure. God bless you all and watch out for the cockroaches in your screen they can fly and visit you in your bed. hahaha

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